Monday, 22 July 2013

Talwin Morris

Thought it might be a good idea to start putting in to some order the hundreds of Talwin Morris design images sitting on my computer. I have serial designs dotted all over the place that I have used on ebay listings but it is crying out for some sort of a reference book to be created. Apart from anything else, there is a lot of misinformation kicking around, so Ethel Larcombe and Silver Studio designs are often listed as Talwin Morris. I will list Silver Studio designs that I am collecting in a separate blog - there is so much and again another reference book is needed. Hard pressed to know where to start really but I will start with a favourite early work as it also contains some simple line drawings inside by Talwin Morris. This edition of 'The Whispering Winds' by Mary Debenham was published in 1895, so one of his earlier binding designs and particularly cherished as has a title page illustration by Morris as well. The binding design reminds me slightly of Arthur Hughes and I love the swirling hair.


  1. A little late in responding but I thought that I would call in to let you know that I have finally written a post about our Talwin and our Ethel! Take care and hope that your collection is expanding!
    Kind regards

  2. Oh Jenny, Sorry I have not looked at my blog for ages. I read your post about Talwin and loved it and I know you had lots of comments from regular readers of your blog who really appreciated it,so please keep writing. Hope you are all well.
    Best wishes